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About Karate Tours

Our Karate tours are all “Bespoke”. They are request created exclusively for the National Martial Arts Association, and are not marketed publicly. The Tour Flyer and Tour Detailed Itinerary covering the upcoming annual World Championships Tour are available to be seen on the NMA website: However, access to more detail is limited by a password, which is allocated to those karateke who are selected to represent South Africa as Protea Team members, or as Development Team members. Registered Supporters, who are intent on travelling with the team, are also privy to the details of these tours. The tournament takes place in Orlando Florida during the first weekend of July each year – and is attended by some 60 countries and 4000 participants. It is screened worldwide on ESPN. The tours are created for in excess of 100 karateke and supporters each year. The highest number of persons on tours has been 186. Each year, a pre-tour in either NYC or in Washington DC is offered, and about 40% of the contingent will elect to spend three or four days before moving on to Orlando, to join the main body who will arrive that day, to spend a nine night period, before the return flights commence. Designer Tours has operated these tours annually for the NMA since 1992. Occasionally, additional tours are called for during a year, for selected smaller teams to participate in other tournaments worldwide.

Multiple Tours

Over the years, we have operated over 40 tours carrying more than 2,500 karate students and supporters for the NMA.

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