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Just to say thank you again for putting together such an awesome visit to the USA again. Sarah so enjoyed it and is ready to take on NYC.

I would like to thank you very much for an exceptional tour. This was the fifth tour I did with you and it was definitely one of the best. Thank you, good luck for the rest of the year and I hope we will soon work together again.

Thanks so much for organising our 2013 Drama and Art tour to Edinburgh and London.

All-in-all, we had a fantastic time and the tour ran very smoothly. The hotel in Edinburgh was absolutely wonderful and we couldn't have asked for a better locality for a hotel in London! The boys benefited enormously from the tour and the events that were on offer. We look forward to organising future tours in conjunction with you.

Finally, some time to breathe!! Sorry for the late email! Thank you very much for such a wonderful tour. It keeps getting better and better. The hotels, shows and workshops were 1st class. The boys thoroughly enjoyed this experience and have made many wonderful memories. You are a master at what you do – keep up the magnificent work!! We will definitely try to go again in 2 years, using your expertise.
Thanks a million!!

Wow! What an absolutely amazing trip! The itinerary you set up, flowed so well from one day to the next. Sandra and I are both suffering from jet-lag, which we have never experienced before, but are still amazed at all we managed to see and do in our short time in America. Our Science girls were stars and took everything in their stride. The girls enjoyed each and every one of theatre shows. They were all different in some way and each appealed to the teenager heart! Well chosen!
We enjoyed all the interactive workshops. Sandra's best was definitely the polymer workshop at the NY hall of Science. She managed to give the girls a twenty minute lesson on polymers while our host learnt the chemical names of all the substances she was using. The museums in America are magnificent! Our favourite was looking into the past at the Newseum! Each museum had something of interest for each of the girls despite the really busy crowds in New York. In future we would try to avoid the week after Easter, as all the children were on holiday and this just added to the chaos in NYC!
Thank you again for setting this trip up with such attention to detail! It has truly been a wonderful experience! And just long enough as we were all really happy to be coming home last Thursday!

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